About Us

Intelligent Oils Ltd is a leading medical and healthcare distributor. Our team have been delivering pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products into the health sector for over 40 years. Hanitise is one of the many brands under the Intelligent Oils umbrella, specialising in personal health and safety.

The Hanitise Vision

Our Vision is a United Kingdom that has all the necessary personal protective equipment to protect itself and emerge from this uncertain time, safe. This vision drives us every day in working harder to secure effective and continual supply at the frontline.

The Hanitise Mission

Our mission is a simple one. Get the correct PPE to the people that need it, when they need it. We are delivering PPE and Sanitiser in to over 1000 delivery points in the UK and the products are reaching over 1,000,000 people.

How will Hanitise achieve its mission?

Our team dedicate dozens of hours, meticulously going over documentation, vetting every manufacturer with a boots on the ground approach - conducting site visits and screening testing documents through European notified bodies. Our distribution centre handles over 1000 enquiries per day and more than 5 million products are dispatched on a weekly basis.

Specification and Certification

When dealing with PPE, there are strict regulations and directives that need to be followed. At Hanitise, we independently verify that all our PPE meets all Government Directives, and we are now an approved supplier to the Department of Health and Social Care, DHSCNI as well as the NHS.