Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser with Stand Temperature Checker


This automatic, touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser station and stand holds 1.2 litres and is the perfect choice for workplaces, shops and anywhere that will see a regular coming and going of people. Powered by batteries or AC, this can fit into any workplace seamlessly. The stand is Height adjustable and has a built in drip tray.. This station also has a built in thermometer which checks the temperature of the user and displays immediately on the led screen.

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• Free Standing & Portable 
• Refillable 1.2 litre Tank with any hand sanitiser or use our disposable bags.
• Battery powered or AC mains(batteries last 30,000 applications) 
• Prevent wastage and misuse - dispenses 1ml spray of sanitiser per hand detected 
• The intelligent sensor automatically ejects spray operates between 3 and 10cm away 
• Light indicator for low battery 
• Lockable cover & window to indicate sanitiser level 
• Suitable for alcohol and non alcohol -based hand sanitiser 
• Reduces the spread of germs 
• Touch Free 
• Fits into all environments