Bossklein Medical Surface Disinfectant Wipes Large x 200


Designed for the safe disinfection of all hard surfaces including worktops, door handles, sanitary ware, stainless steel etc
Alcohol free surface disinfectant wipes for non invasive medical devices, ideal to use on surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol.

Wipes have a peppermint aroma and are supplied in packs of 200 wipes.

Each wipe measures 200 x 200mm.
2 in 1 product, wipes contain detergent for added cleaning power.
Bactericidal, Yeasticidal and Fungicidal.
Also effective against certain Spores and Mycobacteria.
Kills viruses such as Hep B, Influenza B and HIV with a minimum recommended contact time of only 30 seconds


- Bactericidal (30secs).
- MRSA, VRE (60secs).
- Legionella Pneumophila (5mins).
- Yeasticidal (30secs).
- Fungicidal (30secs).
- Clostridium difficile (5min).
- Mycobacterium avium (2min).
- H1N1 InfluenzaA (2mins).
- Human Influenza B virus (30secs).
- Rotavirus (30secs).
- HIV (30secs).
- Hepatitus B Virus (60secs).


- EN 14885
- EN 14476
- EN 14348
- EN 13727
- EN 13704
- EN 13624